Private Pilates Teacher

Kate Fleming

"Chloe Hodgson is the best trainer I have ever had. She understands precisely the workings of the muscles and the exactness of the exercises, but more than that, she has insight and a professional touch which makes the pain of exertion transform into the delight of effect. I always leave the hour exhilarated."

Sonia Singh

"I really enjoy being taught by Chloe. She encourages me to keep improving and get stronger and stronger. Thank you Chloe!"

Katharina Ottmann

"Chloe's is the most dedicated Pilates teacher who teaches her impeccable technique with uncompromising precision. Training with her is a highly motivating, joyous and fulfilling experience".

Lucy Rigg

“Quite simply if it wasn’t for Chloe I don’t think I would have got through my second pregnancy.  I had regular sessions with Chloe and not only did it help my back ache but it helped my whole body and relaxed me mentally.  Chloe is an amazing teacher, she knows when to push you and when to focus on the relaxation techniques.

Three months after having a c section I took up Pilates again and do it weekly and my core strength is now so much better.  I cannot recommend Chloe enough and will continue to use her.”

Glenys Davies

"Chloe is an excellent instructor with a very professional and caring attitude towards the teaching of breathing techniques and the exercise routines of Pilates."

Freddie, Surveyor

"I was a little hesitant about going to a Pilates class at first, partly because I wasn’t sure what to expect but mainly because I wasn’t sure how much I would get out of it physically. 45 minutes later (and for a few days after) and I knew the latter was of no concern!! My core muscles were worked really hard with each repetition focused on a particular muscle group. There is plenty to remember in the class but Chloe was there to give instructions all the way through. I am 6’4” and, like many tall people, worry about my back. I feel Pilates will help to strengthen my core and protect my back in the future, just as long as I keep doing it!"